Feminine Empowerment Women’s Events with Belly Dance & Horses

Horses and Belly Dance are two potent alchemical agents for women. Both open a woman up organically and gently to remembering, reclaiming and empowering her Feminine/Yin aspects, and in doing so have the power to gift back her lost sense of wholeness. Indulge in one of these events of breathtaking beauty, where you will be introduced to a new way of living, a new way of being a woman; one of grace and ease, self possession and groundedness, sensuality and pleasure, self love and enjoyment. A way to a true, feminine you. These unique events are open to all; no prior Horse or Belly Dance experience needed. All Belly Dance movements will be tailored to your level, and all Horse activities are on the ground and are not physically demanding so anyone can participate, even if you have a mild fear of horses. No riding is involved. The Horses we work with are beautifully natured, and are used to working with humans for self growth and healing. These events will take you on a deep inner journey. Be prepared to open up, and dive in.

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