Unveil Inspiration for Women’s Groups

Understanding the basics of awakening the Feminine, and embodying the principles of Feminine power in an over-Masculine world, helps women with the following:

Be better equipped to create sustainable work-life balance

Learn to enjoy the journey while reaching her goals

Become more creative in finding solutions to life or business problems

Learn to connect with her heart driven authentic vision for her life and work, which will in the long run fuel her endeavours with passion

Personal Power:
Refine her understanding of her unique relationship to the creative process, which ends both Masculine and feminine aspects in balance to work powerfully

Prevents burn-out, and over-working related health and relationship issues.

Heightens the women’s ability to connect with her innate, and often shut down, intuition and her understand of and trust in, her ‘gut feel’, which empowers making decisions

Paradigm Shift:
Learn to operate on the powerful and liberating “creative plain” vs. the traditional and increasingly archaic “competitive plain”

Feel Good:
Simply feel better in her body, working with more ease and grace day to day

This work is about learning powerful, practical ways of reconnecting with the Feminine aspects of self, to bring back the balance of Feminine and Masculine/Yin and Yang to how we focus and how we do things in living life as a woman, and running and growing business in self-employment especially, because the power of any entity is in the balance of those two aspects.

Workshop/Seminar Outline:

To learn to empower the Feminine, to connect each woman to her innate power to create anything she desires, which lies in her balance of Masculine and Feminine skills and aspects.

How we do this:

Workshop Option:
Start the workshop with a fun intro to belly Dance to shake things up and start on a high note.
Integrate embodiment of the Feminine into the dance moves.
Stretch and tea break to chat and rest
Sit down facilitated workshop
Hip scarf can be included at a low cost into workshop price per head
DIY “Unveil” home study 8 week course e-book is included free for every participant

Seminar Option:
Empowerment of the Feminine can be taught without the Belly Dance physical component effectively, for conference settings

At once fun and profound. These workshops tend to be filled with laughter and excitement, inspiration and “ah-ha” moments, and at times, tears of being touched on a deep level and shifting to a new level of consciousness.

Book Your Event:
Unveil Workshops and Seminars for your Women’s Group are run by request.

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