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Empowerment of The Feminine with Belly Dance

“… our passive, earthy, related, receptive, feeling, nourishing, compassionate, intuitive, instinctive, feminine essence …
All of us have this aspect in our personalities, but patriarchies have long considered most aspects of the feminine to be inferior and undesirable. Thus, the feminine principle tends to be repressed in both men and women today. This is hard on everyone but especially devastating on women, because the feminine principle is the essence of our nature”

Jean Benedict Raffa from “The Bridge to Wholeness – A Feminine Alternative to the Hero Myth”

Our culture has systematically stripped the modern woman of her trust in the beauty, value and power of her authentic Feminine aspects. We are collectively paying a very high price for this.

Feminine aspects include sensuality, feeling, emotions, receiving, innate beauty, the ability to stop and be still, the truthfulness of intuition and the necessity to engage the Heart as much as the Mind in making her day to day, or larger life choices.

This can lead to burn out, joylessness, feeling unfulfilled, recreating negative patterns, fatigue, decline in intimacy – and in the extreme; hurtful relationships, breakdown and crisis. Western women, by and large, live an ‘over-Masculine’ life, or one that is more skewed towards and more comfortable with the Masculine aspects. Thinking is more revered than feeling, action more prized than stillness, intellect more rewarded than emotional intelligence, profits more important than holistic wellness of those involved….

‘Unveil’ is a unique purpose-built step by step Program for empowering the Feminine in women’s lives, in a practical, down to earth, simple English manner that every woman can take in and digest. It was created and developed by award winning Middle Eastern born facilitator Shemiran Ibrahim since 2003, teaching a practical step-by-step journey that has empowered thousands of women to build bridges back to their Feminine core, using the healing power of traditional ‘Belly Dance’, in an experiential, embodied way, engaging the mind as well in the learning process through safe, nurturing, facilitated workshops. Mind, body, heart and spirit are all involved throughout the Program, creating lasting, life changing results.

Shemiran is renowned in the Middle Eastern dance world community for creating safe, real, transformational and fun spaces for women. Read more about her below.

If it is time to heal your disconnection to your Feminine core, and to remember that your beauty is in your Heart, your joy is in your Body, and your Spirit is alive, Unveil is a practical, safe and joy-filled process that will guide you there. Please click on the booking form links to the right, to read more about upcoming events and book.

Why Belly Dance?

One of the most potent alchemical agents (a substance that turns lead to gold metaphorically) available to us to use freely, that helps women organically reconnect with their Feminine aspects, is the healing dance of Middle Eastern women. Known mistakenly in the west as ‘Belly Dance’, it has not as much to do with the belly, than it does with a woman’s whole body, heart and spirit. It is uniquely feminine in its nature, suited to every woman, as its movements are mostly organic and natural to the female body. Women of all shapes, sizes and ages learn to feel truly beautiful while dancing to simple movements. In more traditional Middle Eastern societies it is a daily dance used in gatherings of women spontaneously dancing to a song on the radio, accompanied with clapping and ululations, and lots of tea and coffee, baklava and Turkish delight. Such gatherings have disappeared from our western culture, leaving not much space for relieving the stresses of daily life in a fun and joyful manner within our female communities.

Unveil events bring these healing qualities of the dance and its joyful cultural experience to western women, mixing learning of simple ‘Belly Dance’ movements with powerful facilitated workshops, to create a unique and transformational Feminine learning experience. The workshops target various Feminine aspects, in a logical progression, helping women unveil their Feminine nature, one layer at a time, with lasting effects.

Your Facilitator

Award winning Middle Eastern facilitator of women’s work Shemiran Ibrahim brings this original work to life, with her passion for women’s wellbeing and empowerment of the Feminine, mixed together with the dance of her homeland. Teaching and facilitating women’s groups since 2003, she is a world renowned figure in the Middle Eastern dance community as one of the leading teacher-trainers and certifiers of teachers for Middle Eastern Dance. She is known for creating a simple, methodical system of learning Middle Eastern Dance to western women in a step by step way that makes learning this complex dance easy. Her ‘Belly Dancing from the Heart Method’ is used by teachers on every continent in the world. More on this is available at www.shemiranibrahim.com, and it is taught in Unveil practice. She is renowned as a facilitator who creates safe, nurturing, joyful spaces for women to return to their feminine selves and blossom. Thousands of western women have been touched by her passion, insight and teaching spirit.

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