“The journey from the head to the heart is the longest journey in the world, and some never make it”

Liz Byrski; Author “Belly Dancing for Beginners”


“Sometime in your life you will go on a journey. It will be the longest journey you have ever taken.
It is the journey to find yourself”.

Katherine Sharp

The Heart is the Feminine centre, while the Mind is the Masculine’s. What we love is in the Feminine, what we need for survival is in the Masculine. Both are imperative to a full, joyful and empowered life. Many people, somewhere down the line, will disconnect from their heart and let their mind lead their lives. They become what they think they need to be, behave how people want them to behave, do what they think they should do and make decisions in their lives based on what they think is right, or will earn more money, or is the social norm, or will please their parents, partners, children or community. If their life was a carriage, they are forever pushing it around; all the energy comes from them, and in time they feel tired and fatigued by life.

However, the Heart has energy of its own. When life is lived from the Heart, it is like a powerful horse pulling that carriage while you ride it; the energy comes from somewhere else.

“You can play the game and you can act out the part Though you know it wasn’t written for you But tell me, how can you stand there with your broken heart Ashamed of playing the fool One thing can lead to another; it doesn’t take any sacrifice Oh, father and mother, sister and brother, if it feels nice, don’t think twice”
Lyrics from “Shower the People” by James Taylor

Learning to trust yourself enough to follow what ‘feels nice’, and not to ‘think twice’ is a skill learnt through Unveil practice. A true, empowered and authentic life is lead by the Heart. Decisions are made based on what feels good and right in the bones, on what one truly loves, and on what brings joy to that life. The love pulls the lover towards it, as opposed to the person pushing themselves in various directions they think they need to go.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love”.

Rumi – Twelfth Century Middle Eastern Sufi Poet

Living a life led by the Heart has a very different feeling to a life based on struggle and forcing oneself to do and be a way that is contrary to one’s authentic nature. Love is something we travel towards; while fear is something we pull away from or push against. Love lives in the Heart, while fear is the product of the Mind.

Why bother with trying to take the longest and potentially hardest journey on earth? Why not stay where we are; we know it well, we survive in it, everyone around us feels comfortable with the status quo. Why upset the apple cart now? Because the Heart never dies, it has a constant craving that never stops. To stop hearing it many of us disappear into our minds, living from the neck up. But something down the line goes wrong; a failure, a crash, a burn out, ill health, a divorce, a death of someone close, a tragedy or simply some indescribable numbness. Something brings us to our knees, and the pain of it brings us back to our bodies and we wake up again and start listening. We get quiet, we stop running, stop pushing and pulling. We listen and we finally start hearing the whispers of the Heart.

Because the Mind shouts, it usually drowns out the Heart’s whispers when it is given the reigns to our lives. But the energetic gender aspect that is missing will always make the need for it heard, and if the Feminine has been repressed the Heart will make itself heard in one way or another. We are all powerful, creative, love filled beings. But somewhere down the line we each shut down one or more aspects of our true selves. As we said in the beginning of the course, in terms of energetic gender, any entity is the most powerful when Masculine and Feminine feature equally in its make up. There is a constant hankering in every person to return to their own inner power inherent in energetic balance; their own equilibrium. In Unveil practice, you will learn how to physically build the neuro pathways you need to slow down enough to start becoming able again to register the whispers of your Heart, the first step to reclaiming the authentic woman who is truly you.

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