“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful… I have gained confidence and really feel empowered … Love the teaching style, the positive energy lifts the class”. Shannon, Wentworth Falls

“Shemiran is inspiring! Her classes make a difference to my life.” Rose Wilson, Ashfield

“Attending Shemiran’s Unveil course had enabled me to become aware of my feminine self, listen to what I need, move with purpose and have fun. It’s been a great opportunity to do something just for me, be girly, make new friends and feel confident within my own skin. Empowering!” Milly, Lawson

“In my ‘too busy’ life I had lost my sanity and my body to stress. Friday mornings have become an oasis of restoration, a life-line back to myself, and lots of fun. I can begin to feel ‘young’ again”. Dr Louise Arnold, Lawson

“Loved the belly dancing techniques and practice. Loved the intention of the course. I feel empowered to live my life differently.” Loredana Voicu, Sydney

“Excellent – Just what I needed to hear at this point in time, thank you. Beautifully presented, full of passion and wisdom. Left with a feeling of wanting to know more, explore new ideas and dance!!” Mim Osterberg, Summer Hill

“Thank you. A true woman reminding us to be true women. Welcoming experience from my first contact. Very poignant comments and statements to take with me”. Kaylene Brown, Glebe

“ The empowerment lecture was fantastic, has given me inspiration and great tools to further empower myself. Thank you! Excellent facilitator! Wonderful energy.” Laura Rankine, Glebe

“I realize more that I have sacrificed my feminine traits for what I believed was survival. I now believe I can work on surviving using what should be more natural and easier, my female energy.” Linda D’Arcy, Summer Hill

“A must for all mothers! The combination of belly dancing and workshop was perfect. I feel that I now have permission to “receive”. I found it quite emotional and became aware of my negative self-talk and what I don’t allow myself. This will now change. Thank you so much!” Sarit Vandergraaff, Summer Hill

“I always have fun and feel good about myself during and after classes. It makes me feel happier in my body”. Amelia K., Ashfield

“Great! Just what I needed. Time to look again at the more feminine aspects of life and ‘redesign’ my thoughts, ideals and life”. Raelene Flower, Orange

“I enjoyed the workshop. It made me appreciate my feminine side and understand my struggle with being overly masculine and why it isn’t sitting well with me. It was a great learning experience”. Nicole, Orange

“The workshop was amazing! I have come away enriched as a woman who is now more confident to step forward in the world knowing and trusting I have a valuable contribution to give. This workshop has been enabling to that end. I view this time as further cross-training for my spiritual journey. I am stunned with how synchronistic it has been in supporting my pursuit as a horsewoman.” Jane Reid

“Shemiran and Cheryl, so much appreciation for all that you do and offer to us women on our path to wholeness. What a beautiful integration – horses and dance. Magic happens when the two meet. Such profound shifts happened with such ease and grace. Deep work doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience, it can be a beautiful and gentle experience. Enjoyed every moment with you both and all the goddesses. The memory of you all dancing with the sun setting behind you will forever be etched in my mind and my heart. Heartfelt love and gratitude”. Edwina

“The whole retreat was an amazing experience. I and the other women were supported all the way. Shemiran empowered us with all that we need to know in honouring the essence of being a woman, respecting ourselves and valuing ourselves in all aspects of our lives. Dancing belly dance, getting in touch with basics was good for my belly dancing if I start to teach. Watching Shemi dance and her elegance in the dance was beautiful to the soul. I was able to dance with freedom; heart, spirit and body, through Shemi’s teaching us how to get there with BPF (technique). Cheryl’s workshop took us to another journey. I felt like I as on safari watching the beautiful horses. I was very anxious. Cheryl gave me so many tools to help with the horses but also with life and people that I associate with. Jane was great supporting with kind and compassionate words. Cheryl and Jane strengthened me with my boundaries, how if I do not want the horse near me how to handle the situation with intent and energy. Tai Chi was great in the morning. Grooming the horses connected me so much to the spirit of the horse and being. The most spectacular time that forever was captured in my heart was dancing in front of the horses and the horses galloping towards us in the sunset. Thank you from my heart”. Meri Carnovale

“This opportunity is about self growth at your pace, primarily for me it has been a release of patterns, awareness of gaps in my self nurturing. There is no comparison I can find that explains the power of the horse to connect and teach each person differently. The sisterhood is crucial to ongoing “filling of the cup”! There have been reminders, lessons and friendships evolve – all amazing gifts… I appreciated EVERY moment”. Diedre Gordon

“Thanks! Cheryl & Shemiran, through great wisdom, love, care and experience, facilitate an amazing reconnection to not only the feminine but enhancing the balance of the Yin/Yang, feminine/masculine, through equine experiential learning, belly dancing and Tai Chi. The food, accommodation and surrounds are amazingly conducive to the processes. On a personal level I feel more loving and accepting of myself. I felt honoured by the wonderful support and love from all the women, so healing. Thank you Cheryl and Shemiran and to the wonderful humble chef Kate, and Jane, your amazing horses are facilitators for you just being, so we could reconnect back to the source of ‘who we are’…” Susan de Castella

“If a star in the sky was to shine upon two experiences that could bring you into the present, help you connect to your own innate wisdom and also then learn, grow and blossom, it would be Belly Dancing and horse wisdom.” Deb Dalziel

“I found the Belly Dancing Horses workshop at Banyandah an awakening experience, one that peeled away some more layers and brought me closer to my authentic self. Thank you. Love Jessica.

“Shemiran, Your feminine essence embodies your training. I am grateful not just for the chance to revisit Belly Dancing, but to revisit things my body and spirit desire, such as balance, self love and compassion. Cheryl, your calmness emanated and I loved the energy work from the weekend. I particularly loved watching you perform Tai Chi. So calm and beautiful! I am inspired to seek out some training!! I love the way you introduced the group to the horses. Thank you for such care. I think you are both amazing inspiring women!!” Sue McKeon

“Gratitude for teaching me to be present, to feel and focus inward, taking moments to reflect, go inward and being true to myself. The feminine retreat was very special and beautiful in many ways, the belly dancing itself, along with the history and wisdom of the feminine, thank you for sharing this beauty with me. I loved bringing the feminine and masculine together in Tai Chi, and feeling the beautiful flow and rhythm of this planet. I am totally joyful to have connected with Jane’s magical Horses, and for their love and support. I always learn so much value from the Horses’ pure energy. Love, blessings and gratitude on your journeys. Namaste”. Vicki Anderson

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