“Look beneath the surface of the world – the world that includes your clothes, toaster ovens, philosophies, your skin – and you will discover a universe of swirling and subtle energies. While we do not know exactly what these energies are doing or how they are doing it, we do know that they are “here”, forming the energies that underlie physical reality. They form you.”

Cyndi Dale, author of “The Subtle Body: An Encyclopaedia of Your Energetic Anatomy”

Energy is in the Feminine as it is unseen and is a mystery, while physical matter is felt, seen and comprehended by the logical mind and hence is in the Masculine. Women tend to give of their energy to; direct family, partners, children, parents, extended family members, friends, and their jobs quite automatically. We are taught at a very early age to care and sacrifice. You are not a never-ending source of energy. Cars are in one sense more intelligent than human beings. They simply stop when they run out of petrol.

Your energy is a sensual matter; you can’t think your energy is low, you feel it. So you need to be present with yourself and in your body to do that. We work in the first part of Unveil Programs at sensing our moments, feeling our emotions, breathing and holding our posture consciously. All of this prepares us for starting to be more aware of our energy levels, and starting to honour them and our boundaries.

By focusing on yourself and keeping your attention on how you are feeling in your body (empowering the Feminine by focusing on feeling), you become more able to pick up when something or someone is draining your energy. Being in your body and listening to your body, and essential Feminine trait, will give you the messages you need. You can only run on empty when you are living in your head. This is a skill you will systematically build when you engage in an Unveil Program, and within a short period of time, you will be able to observe your boundaries and protect them, keeping yourself full, to feel good, and to continue to be of service to your loved ones and the world. Unveil Programs help women reconnect with, and protect, their energy in a very practical, day to day way with lasting results.

“To stay or become healthy, it is useful for each of us to notice where we are leaking our energy. A good time to do this is when you go to bed each night. To begin the process of healing your energy leaks, simply notice who or what you are thinking about, worrying about, or obsessing about. What thoughts, emotions, events or people keep coming into your mind? ….When you find these areas, you must call your spirit back…. it is helpful to do this out loud. Simply state, “Spirit, come back here – I need you with me”.

Dr Christiane Northrup, M.D. bestselling author of “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

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