Receiving, Stillness & Just Being

“A wise woman once advised me ‘not to be a would-be-if-I-could-be or a could-be- if-I-would-be. Just be. And while I have learned that dreams need doing as much as they need being, I have learned that the being always comes first”.

Sarah Ban Breathnach; Author “Simple Abundance”

Receiving is in the Feminine while giving is in the Masculine. Receiving happens in the moment, and has a still quality to it. I need take no action to receive, I only need to open up and allow it into my experience. Last week we investigated Energy (which is in the realm of the Feminine, while physical matter is in the Masculine).

In energetic terms Receiving is about Energy coming to you, filling up your cup:

• Receiving vs. giving
• Stillness vs. action
• Rest vs. work
• Just being vs. doing

In order to live a more Feminine life, we need to learn to be still and receive. In our Masculine oriented society, we think that we need to fight for everything. Fix everything with our own two hands. Sort everything out by our own actions. Think everything up. In the West life is seen as a struggle and we have to work hard at it. Too much of this and we can miss the point of life itself – to feel joy and enjoy moments with those we love doing things we love and delight in.

While taking action, fixing things ourselves and thinking about solutions will be absolutely a true and functional step to take in many circumstances, they can be the worst to take in others. Many times what is needed is to take no action, take a step back, stay still, and receive – to allow something to come to us and allow something bigger than us to take part in our lives. Receiving and giving to ourselves is also the way we fill our energetic cup to counteract its daily depletion. However, too much rest and stillness is by no means empowered. This can result in sloth and depression as desires that are unmet over the years accumulate, and the person feels powerless to create positive change in their lives.

To live any life powerfully and in a fulfilling manner both the Feminine and the Masculine need to feature in that person’s way of paying attention. Too much doing leads to burn out; too much being leads to frustration. A balance leads to a constant flow of creating what that person delights in, and constant growth towards a life more desired.

Many women feel very uncomfortable with receiving. Asking for and receiving help. Receiving a compliment. Receiving time off to rest. Receiving attention. Receiving a massage or beauty treatment. Receiving what they want. Some of us get so used to not getting what we truly want that if it threatens to materialise we disappear, we split the scene, we sabotage receiving it in some way or another. The good news is, like any inner skill, receiving can become easier with practice.

“Start to treat yourself more generously. Begin with $5. Buy one beautiful flower for your desk, enjoy a French pastry with your morning coffee, stop in at a fancy salon and get yourself some almond-scented shampoo. Just do something out of the ordinary that you normally wouldn’t do that will lift your spirits”.

Sarah Ban Breathnach; Author “Simple Abundance; A Day Book of Comfort and Joy”

In Unveil Programs women learn, systematically and methodically, how to look after themselves, fill their cup, receive from themselves and start expecting to receive more from the world. The changes learning this skill creates in women’s lives can be phenomenal.

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