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Build the soul expressive business of your dreams & learn how to fuel your passion & mission by embodying your Feminine energy, to run your business more joyfully and ease-fully, achieve and sustain self sufficiency, and put an end to isolation, overwhelm, confusion, disheartenment and burn-out!

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WINMALEE  .  SAT 19 OCT 2019  . 





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Hi I’m Shemiran Ibrahim, and I teach conscious  women in soul-expressive business, or aspiring to be, how to deeply honour their gifts, unveil their heart's vision and gain crystal clarity on their direction, learn how to do business using their Feminine power for more joy, pleasure, passion and effective action, and build their business structurally and strategically so that they achieve a consistent self sufficient income, doing what they love, and know in their bones they are meant to do. 
Our greatest fears, confusion, lack of clarity, self doubt and self defeat rise up in
full-force when we decide to express our soul through our work.
Soul expressive self employment is blissful when it's working, and crippling and crushing when it isn't.  After all, it's our very heart that we are exposing.
We are not meant to do this journey on our own! That is the long, hard and gut wrenching way to go about it. And it often leads to stalling, freezing,
hiding, playing small, loneliness, overdoing, and ultimately either never jumping in,
or doing it so hard we burn out and breakdown.
There is a truer, gentler, more nourishing, more joyful and pleasurable way!
Welcome to Soulful Women in Business Circle! 🔥😍👏

The Ways We Need Support as Soulful Women in Business


If you desire more soul, meaning, depth, connection and effective action in your journey as a woman in business, or you are aching to birth your soul business but don’t know where to start, you are not alone and this Circle is for you.


There is no small talk here. There is no traditional competitive/comparative paradigm. There’s only women supporting and uplifting women. 


We work on accessing creativity and inspiration straight from your soul, and we work towards authentic outcomes powered by a whole backpack of tools and processes you will learn over time to master your energy and emotions.


This Circle will take you from isolation, overwhelm, confusion, lack of confidence/self worth, ineffective powerlessness in your business, and habits of work that over-use your giving nature and burn you out … to strength, blossoming, efficiency and freedom. 


This is business support for sensitive, conscious, positive & soulful women wanting outcomes to bring their dream business to life and build it right in the long run. 


It is affordable, it is local, and it is real. 


No more doing it on your own! This old paradigm mentality kills morale and creativity, and deprives us of all the emotionally healing benefits of loving community. 




This is the new age of how to do business and love it! In this Circle you will receive 360 degree support, in every way possible, with a proven step by step method learning how to BEAM your heart out into the world, and set your energy on fire:


💞 Build heartfelt connections instead of ‘networking’ in the monthly LIVE Circle sessions. 


🔥 Keep your momentum up on your projects with monthly “Check-In & Pep Up!” ONLINE Group Coaching sessions to keep you on track, swap ideas, learn from others’ experience, answer any burning questions on any projects or emotional challenges, and generally keep your morale up.  

💞 Heal from the draining effects of perfectionism, over-giving, over-doing, over-achieving, burn-out, people pleasing, hiding and paying small.  


🔥 Bring crystal clarity to what your heart and soul are aching to create... often these are hidden from us under layers of resistance. Unveil your soul-mission through precise processes that work!

💞 Take action and leap forward on things you procrastinate on once and for all, with optional Private Mentoring. 


🔥 Overcome your fear or aversion to marketing. Learn visibility and modern marketing that is manageable for you, and a true expression of you.


💞 Set goals in line with your heart and soul, and meet them while being held by your Mentor and the Group. 


🔥 Learn self care rituals to fuel your long term business dreams. 


💞 Awaken your creativity through ritual & claim your Feminine power through daily practice. 


🔥 Connect, deeply, to your true self, and your highest vision for yourself in your soul work. 


💞 Heal your relationship with your business if it hasn’t been working for a while and you feel discouraged and disheartened. 


🔥 Clean up the energetics, so the physical end results improve permanently. 


💞 Stop putting yourself last on your priority list (or not even there at all!) and open up to receiving, this skill is imperative for women in business! 


🔥 Heal your relationship with money and allow it in.  There can be very deep and debilitating old wounds around being seen as powerful and wealthy. We MUST heal these, as we need to receive self-sufficiency in order to keep doing our soulful work in the world. 

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Soulful Women In Business Circle is the 

New Paradigm for Feminine Power in Business 


We work deeply inside the two imperative areas creative, soulful women in business need to be both successful and joyful in their biz life: 


1 - Outer Skills - The Masculine/Your Yang Energy & Skills: 

The business success skills, the nuts and bolts, making money, marketing, online savvy, strategy, the outer manifestation of your business


2 - Inner Skills - The Feminine/ Your Yin Energy & Skills: 

And the inner world, the self care, the emotional realm, your energetics and attraction mode, what’s stopping you moving forward, and the inner game of business


If we focus only on one, at the expense of the other, 

our business, our lives and ourselves, go out of balance. 


I will teach you how to bring the balance, and your power, back create habits of doing and begin that will last your a lifetime. 


No more overwhelm. No more confusion. No more burn out!!!


What Happens in the Circle?


Circle opens with grounding our energy with short meditation and energy work. 


We then study the business building workshop session of the day - this could cover any of the following topics or others as the months unfold and need arises, and here you receive laser coaching if you need it to apply to your own soul work:


Outer Skills: 


How to work without overwhelm

How to structure your work day for maximum productive while leveraging your energy

How to create your offers and price them for self sufficiency

Getting into body care practices to build your energy

Modern soulful marketing knowledge

Understanding your ‘target audience’ or avatar

Putting down your heart felt business intentions 

Defining your purpose through your business

Website & Social Media clarity and confidence

Building your email list

Setting goals, timelines and strategy



Inner Skills: 


Balancing masculine and feminine energy to create balance and power

Owning your worth, claiming your medicine

Allowing yourself to be seen as the light that you are

Raising your vibration to attract ease-fully

Engaging your feminine energy to raise your vibration

Refining your creative process to create with grace

Practicing receiving, not just give give giving

Mastering self care

Laying boundaries - creating a safe space for you to shine

Connecting to Spirit

Learning to listen to your own perfectly-timed guidance

Empowering your inner wisdom in your business



(Note: not all subjects can be covered per Term of coaching as there are so many aspects of learning and doing to run business successfully, as you would know! Each Term focuses can vary also depending on the needs of the Group).


If things get too heavy, we get up and move our bodies using simple Feminine movements  

to travel from stuck, to flow.


We break for arvo tea with delicious soy Chai and treats.


We then have space for discussion, masterminding together and opening up to inspiration that comes from a group of people, getting together, focused on the same positive outcome for each other, holding intention for each others’ success. 


We share intention setting, sharing, holding and being held in total honouring and care.


We write any guidances & inspiration we receive down for the month ahead.


We set authentic and reasonable targets for the month - keeping ourselves accountable and sticking to our plans. Staying focused together. 


We share self care ritual ideas, and support each other with positive interaction.


We close Circle.  


We stay connected online until next Circle through the FB private group and monthly “Check in & Pep Up!” Group Call. 

Over the 6 months, Iron out any tough bits with your 2 FREE bonus 30 min Private Coaching Sessions with Shemi.

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Are You Feeling this Sister?  Here is Your Next Step …


Step 1:

You fill out the form below and choose the date you can attend your Introductory Circle.






















Step 2:

Pay your $25 discounted fee for your Introductory Circle.


Step 3:  

You will receive an email with everything you need for your first Circle. ​

Step 4:

If your first Circle resonates, Soulful Women in Business Circle membership runs in 6 month cycles (prices all below), you hop on from then and join the sisterhood. 🔥💞👏💃 

You will have 5 days after your first Circle to take up the special discount price for your 6 month membership. For  Membership and Prices details , click here

Book the Date for Your First Circle:

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What is Possible When We Learn to Do Business

The Feminine Way?


Your self employment journey can be one of deep fulfilment 

Authentic expression of your soul

Ongoing pleasure and joy

Connection and loving community

Meaning and purpose

Money and freedom

Ease and grace

Giving and receiving

Health and wealth

Healing and building your sense of personal power


We achieve this as soulful women when we stop trying to override our sensitive nature, and start working with it and nurturing and nourishing our selves. When we meet our feminine needs, and honour our innate feminine nature, and at the same time empower our ‘in-the-world’ action … magic happens. 


We then are fuelled up, filled up, have more to give
and have the energy to stay on track. 


And when we unlearn the old way of working, and learn the feminine ways of attracting; attracting our soul mate clients, attracting inspired ideas, attracting soulful collaboration…. attracting money! 


But it is very difficult to create and maintain this shift on our own, especially if things haven’t been working for a while. You need a circuit breaker, and new habits need to be formed inside a container - a supportive nurturing safe environment - 

The Soulful Women in Business Circle! 


If you have been trying to do it on your own for a while now and it’s not working - the problem is not you - the problem is the structure (or lack there of) around you. Isolation breeds depression, and that is not going to attract great things into your business. 


Learn everything you need to learn, and grow organically while making your business and your life nourishing and joyful. 

Prices & Membership

The Most Affordable Business Coaching Under the Sun


Your first Circle is only $25. With no additional financial commitment. 


After that, if this makes your heart sing, you join in a 6 month cycle to build community, build your skills, unlearn old ways, and learn new functional ones, and get coaching for your individual business ... inner and outer change takes time!


Private coaches can be anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 for six months.
Most small business owners just can’t afford that! 


Since starting my journey, I have spent upward of $41,000 to gain the knowledge, expertise and skills to facilitate this journey for you.


You will receive it distilled, and imbued with feminine wisdom and service, for a fraction of the price. 


This Circle is a mix of workshops, masterminds and space holding AND kick-arse soulful feminine business coaching. So you’ll have a lot to learn, and a lot to contribute. You will flesh every detail of your progress in your biz out, over time. You will be served by the positive focus of the Circle and the inspiration you channel in that space. 


Self employment in isolation can be soul shattering - so when the going gets tough, the Circle will be there for you, to have a cup of tea with, get grounded and find your inspiration again. The healing power of Circle is nothing less than transformational. Bring this magic into your business life! 


I’ve created Soulful Women in Business Circle to be affordable and in reach for the small, solo biz woman who needs a break, and needs to build up her finances, not drain them. I have priced it at this unusually affordable price for the launch of the Circle, so I hope you join me if you hear the call to join and enjoy these prices while they last. 


Strictly 10 spaces only per intake ~ 

after that you will be added to the waitlist. 


Launch intake starts Sat 19 October 2019 ~ 

Winmalee Blue Mountains. 

What You Receive in Your Membership


Our live gatherings are in Winmalee, Blue Mountains NSW Australia.

In between them, we keep up the support and momentum online!


Option 1: Circle Only Option: 

💞  1 Saturday arvo per month - 3 hrs: 

1 x LIVE Circle in Unveil Studio, Winmalee Blue Mountains, in which you receive a Feminine Power in Business short masterclass & Circle sharing. The power of Circle needs to be felt to be understood, it is profound! This will bring you in touch with the deepest level of your Soul Work, and inspire you to keep creating it into a reliable self sustaining business. We also enjoy a bring-a-plate arvo tea and delicious soy Chai ; ‘ ) You will leave uplifted, filled up, and radiating! 

💞  1 Monday evening per month - 1 hr: 

1 x  “Check-In & Pep Up!” ONLINE Group Coaching sessions to keep you on track, swap ideas, learn from others’ experience, answer any burning questions on any projects or emotional challenges, and generally keep your morale up.  The convenience of doing this from home yet keeping connection and emotional sustenance up. 


💞  1 Video Tutorials Module Per Month:

Build your business skill set, fill your back pack with effective tools. You will keep learning through the month, through access to Video Resources that go up as needed on a dedicated learning portal, and recordings of each monthly Group LIVE Call masterclass in case you miss it.


💞 Private FB Cheer Squad:

You get access to private FB Group for inspiration, support and sisterhood between sessions to keep your momentum going! 


💞 FREE Private Confidential Coaching - 2 in 6 month Membership:

You also receive 2 FREE 30 min bonus Private Coaching Sessions with Shemi to melt away blocks, get your unstuck, or sort out a problem with your biz. 

You save $370 over 6 months !


💞 FREE Unveil Your Beauty Classes - Thursday Nights:

All Circle members get to come for FREE to my 'Unveil Your Beauty; Belly Dance, Body Love and Feminine Energy' awakening classes in Springwood. This helps you own your beauty and body, up your self care, and learn to move your body in a way that will let your Feminine energy flow, to increase intuition and inspiration! We use these movements in Circle to drop out of our proverbial heads, and into our wisdom filled bodies! 


You save an additional $290 over 6 months !

Option 2: Circle PLUS Private Mentoring Option: 

Circle as above PLUS 5 x 1 hr Personal Coaching Sessions over Skype, includes audio recording for your home study:


You receive 5 Private Sessions one-on-one with Shemiran herself, to go deep… this is the best and only way to get deep into the Shadow Work that is too raw and personal to share in Group! Some of the most personal and potent work is done in private session, and that is the work involved in melting away the emotional barriers that hold you back from beaming your Soul Work out there into the world. This is the number 1 saboteur for soulful women in business, and trying to do it alone is the equivalent of banging around in a cage with your demons! Soulful expert support is the key here.  This Option also allows you 1-2 email support per month, where you can email Shemi for specific issues/coaching in between calls.


When you book this Option 2 you receive two bonuses for FREE: 


The Circle Membership for FREE, as Circle is a bonus with this Option. 


You save $1,200 over 6 months !


‘Unveil Your Beauty' as above. 


You save an additional $290 over 6 months !



Your Introductory Circle is only $25.

After that, in order to develop connection and effectively create results  - we need time!


So enrolment happens in Packages of 6 months minimum. No activity through school holidays.​ Membership prices as follows: 


Circle Only                              

$200 a month


Circle & Private Mentoring

$370 a month



My 1hr Private Coaching rate is currently $250 usd for my online clients. That means you receive the Circle for FREE, when you book the Private Mentoring Option. You receive two terms of 'Unveil Your Beauty' course as well, with both Options FREE.


Special Offer Prices -

Valid for 5 Days After Your Initial Circle


Circle Only Special Offer                             

$160 a month


Circle & Private Mentoring Special Offer

$320 a month

Invest in yourself and your business! You will learn skills for life, AND with consistent application of the tools and support, you can double our income.

Email Shemi promptly to receive your Paypal Instalment Plan with your chosen membership option.


Take advantage of these limited time launch special prices now. There is no program like this on the market - locally catering to sensitive, conscious soulful women and with Women Circle, Private Mentoring PLUS Group Coaching and support. And NO Business Coaching of any kind at these prices! Take advantage of these introductory Blue Mountains offers now! 


First Circle Launches 19 Oct 2019

If this is resonating, pls don’t delay! 

Strictly space for 10 beautiful soulful women only

After that, you will be added to the waitlist


What Women Say About Training with Shemiran ...







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Dr Louise Arnold

Lawson, Blue Mountains

“In my ‘too busy’ life I had lost my sanity and my body to stress. Friday mornings have become an oasis of restoration, a life-line back to myself, and lots of fun. I can begin to feel ‘young’ again”. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 5.38.40 pm.png

Sarit Vandergraff

Summer Hill, Sydney

“A must for all mothers! The combination of belly dancing and workshop was perfect. I feel that I now have permission to “receive”. I found it quite emotional and became aware of my negative self-talk and what I don’t allow myself. This will now change. Thank you so much!”

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 5.55.35 pm.png

Linda D'Arcy

Inner West, Sydney

“I realize more that I have sacrificed my feminine traits for what I believed was survival. I now believe I can work on surviving using what should be more natural and easier, my female energy.”

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 5.40.34 pm.png

Jane Reid

Howlong, Albury

“The workshop was amazing! I have come away enriched as a woman who is now more confident to step forward in the world knowing and trusting I have a valuable contribution to give. This workshop has been enabling to that end. I view this time as further cross-training for my spiritual journey. I am stunned with how synchronistic it has been in supporting my pursuit as a horsewoman.”

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 5.59.29 pm.png

Sue McKeon

Melbourne, Victoria

“Shemiran, Your feminine essence embodies your training. I am grateful not just for the chance to revisit Belly Dancing, but to revisit things my body and spirit desire, such as balance, self love and compassion. Thank you for such care. I think you are an amazing inspiring woman!!”

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 6.02.47 pm.png

Susan de Castella

Melbourne, Victoria

“Thanks Shemiran, through great wisdom, love, care and experience, you facilitate an amazing reconnection to not only the feminine, but enhancing the balance of the Yin/Yang, and feminine/masculine. On a personal level I feel more loving and accepting of myself. I felt honoured by the wonderful support and love from all the women, so healing.”

Any questions? Contact me now!