Grow the soul-expressive Feminine Facilitating/Teaching/Healing business of your dreams, and learn how to fuel your passion & mission by embodying your Feminine energy, and build it stronger through the power of Group Energy Work, to run your business more joyfully and ease-fully, achieve and sustain self sufficiency, and put an end to isolation, overwhelm, confusion, disheartenment and burn-out!

Studying your Training Program or growing your dream business after you finish your studies surrounded by your cheer squad and your Coach anchoring the energy and holding space with you, you are 10 x more likely to keep going, hold steady and stay inside your Feminine magic, because the great company you have on the journey calms the nervous system DOWN, and the Energy Work builds your energy UP ~ two fundamental elements for ongoing growth and success inside of wellbeing and health!  


“You can accomplish more in a Mastermind (Circle of dedicated people sharing a unified goal) in one month, than you could by yourself in one year.“


Napoleon Hill

American Transformational Speaker/Writer 

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Online soul-expressive






Shift out of self doubt, confusion, procrastination on what truely matters to your soul, lack of energy, LACK OF CLARITY, CRAVING DEEPER EXPRESSION, fear of visibility for your most authentic soul expression, over-giving, UNDER-RECEIVING, & burn out... and all other offspring of Fight, Flight & Freeze ...

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And experience the clarity, energy, power & joy of Flow

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Hi I’m Shemiran Ibrahim, and I teach conscious  women who are in Soul-expressive Feminine Business, or aspiring to be, how to express their unrestricted Soul Work out into with world, to their deepest heartfelt fulfilment, greatest authenticity towards those they are meant to serve, receiving consistent self-sufficient income, and bringing balance to their work lifeday to day basis.
This includes reversing out of burnout ~ the painful side-effect of ignoring our Soul longterm ~ or finding flow, if they are experiencing any of the symptoms of stagnation or being stuck; boredom, procrastination, overwhelm, depression, overworking, underworking, tension that doesn’t seem to go away, boom and bust cycles and a difficult-to-articulate ache in the heart for something more... 
All these symptoms are the Feminine calling. Your Heart. Your Body. Your Soul. 

And it doesnt go away. With time, a denied Feminine self will make itself seen and heard through pain. Often a pain that does not make any sense. A pain that is persistent. A pain that gets worse with time. Coming into mid-life, it stops whispering and starts screaming. 

Something deeply important, in the core of you, is needing your attention, is aching for authentic expression.

For the women I have the honour to work with in my various Programs, I help them in:
  1. Deep healing, restoration, Inner Landscape clear out & resurrection
  2. Seeing their gifts,  and learning how to deeply honour them 
  3. Unveiling their truest Soul Vision, reconnecting to their Soul Voice
  4. Gaining crystal clarity on their direction
  5. Deepening self mastery with very targeted, next-level Feminine manifesting training & coaching
  6. Learning how to do business using their Feminine power for more joy, pleasure, passion and effective action
  7. Build their business structurally and strategically, and learn to message and market their Soul Voice  so that they either boost their existing income, or achieve a consistent fulfilling totally self sufficient income, doing what they love, and know in their bones they are meant to do.
  8. Fall in love with themselves in the process; build extreme self care practices for life
  9. Initiate women back into their deeper Feminine self, and initiate them then into doing their Feminine Facilitating Soul Work in the world. 

And doing it all by staying true to themselves, and as the most fulfilling authentic expression of their Soul Essence in the world. This spills over from biz, into life in general and brings much healing and wholeness to their lives. 
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Different Programs cover different parts of this Journey, and fulfil specific needs for each woman on her Journey at specific phases of growth in her biz.
Our Soul has work to do here. Not heeding it causes us fatigue, depression and burn out in the long run. And as we evolve, the Work evolves. It happens in phases, and each phase has its own demons, challenges and victories, and specific needs. 

There is a pathway, a Journey, from having our truest message stuck inside us, to sharing our medicine with those it is meant for fully, with authenticity, with balance, well being and deepest fulfilment.

And that Journey is not a walk in the park. It is a trek through Nepal.

Our greatest fears, confusion, lack of clarity, self doubt and self defeat rise up in
full-force when we decide to express our Soul through the next level of our work.
Soul-expressive self employment is like no other, and is by far the toughest. It is blissful when it's working, and crippling and crushing when it isn't.  After all, it's our very heart that we are exposing, putting on offer, marketing and advertising! 
And just like that trek through Nepal, we are not meant to do this journey on our own! That is the long, hard, at times dangerous and gut wrenching way to go about it. And it often leads to stalling, freezing, hiding, playing small, loneliness, over-doing, under-doing and ultimately burn out and breakdown.
It is best to hire a Sherpa, AND do the trek with a group of reliable gorgeous people. There is a truer, gentler, more nourishing, more powerful, joyful, effective and pleasurable way!

Got questions?  Email Shemi Now: 

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Working with Shemi has been a permanent life change for me. 

I feel it to be tricky to put into words exactly how incredibly beneficial Shemi's business mentoring program has been as her service is so unique but here goes: 
Shemi is One of a kind. A path creator. 
Her incredibly intuitive and kind nature is admirable. 

Unveil Your Business is the most gentle, grounding and renewing experience. 

I was ready to dig around the old stuff inside that no longer served me and step into who I am meant to be, Shemi has been the wise and sturdy guide through the murky waters.
Shemi's program has encouraged me to see new tools and relearn how to use the incredible tools I have within myself. From someone who was riddled with self loathing and hammering + prone to yearly burnouts, I now treasure everything about myself, enjoy sitting within all my experiences, take full responsibility for my actions and put myself first daily out of a deep appreciation that I deserve to be loved and cared for. Shemi, I truly appreciate every moment of your time spent working with me & my business. I see such a positive future ahead.
With Gratitude,  

Trish Carter ~ Blue Mountains Australia

{Joined the Program to shift out of self-employment burnout & find her authentic Soul Vision}

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The Ways We Need Support as Soulful Women in Business


Women are horses, not eagles... we thrive in a herd of kindreds, not flying solo all on our own all the time. This deeply healing desire for loving connection can be felt very strongly when we are slaving at our laptop day in and day out trying to get our Soul Voice out in the world and make a living.


If you desire more Soul, meaning, depth, connection and effective action in your journey as a woman in business, or you are aching to birth your soulful business / next level of expression in your Soul Work, this Circle is designed to fuel that journey for you by nourishing the parts of business building that tend to be denied and cause pain and breakdown in the long run - that is the Emotional, Spiritual & Inner Landscape Support. AND give you targeted coaching from a world-class award winning Teacher Trainer, to keep you on track and growing in the right direction in your outer actions and results in your biz. 

Circle will hold the non-judgmental loving and sacred space necessary for you to ascend, evolve and expand into the next level version of YOU through your Feminine Biz.

As you arrive each fortnight to your Circle Group Call, and the beautiful women on the journey with you Super Charge your Vision, that Soul Vision grows in energy.


When we Super Charge your Intentions for the next period, you will have more energy to do those tasks you have on your to-do list. You will also have incentive to do the work as you’re not stuck on your own in your own bubble - you have a team cheering you on every step of the way. 

When you talk through where you are at in your biz, what challenges you are facing, and are held in unconditional love, those challenges melt and answers and guidance starts coming to you. 

THIS is the power of Feminine Energy Work, working on your side, having your back through the rollercoaster ride that is running Soulful Business. 


This Circle will take you from isolation, overwhelm, confusion, lack of confidence/self worth, ineffective powerlessness in your business, and habits of work that over-use your giving nature and burn you out … to strength, blossoming, efficiency and freedom. 


This is business support for sensitive, conscious, positive & soulful women wanting outcomes to bring their dream business to life and build it right in the long run. 


No more doing it on your own, drawing on your already stretched energy! This old D.I.Y. paradigm mentality kills morale and creativity, and deprives us of all the emotionally healing benefits of a supportive Mentor and community. 




This is the new age of how to do business and love it! In Circle you will receive 360 degree support, in every way possible supporting you to BEAM your heart out into the world, and set your energy on fire:


💞 Build heartfelt connections and heal from isolation. 


🔥 Keep your momentum up on your projects with fortnightly Circle Group Calls sessions to keep you on track, learn from others’ experience, fill up on energy, Super Charge your project with Group Energy Work... and keep your morale up through the day to days of running biz. 

💞 Heal from the draining effects of perfectionism, over-giving, over-doing, over-achieving, burn-out, people pleasing, and the crippling effects of under-doing, hiding, freezing and staying small... by learning the deeply nurturing,  nourishing and fulfilling Feminine Way of doing biz. 


🔥 Overcome your fear or aversion to being seen being you in the world / in your biz by being held and supported all the way, and loved EXACTLY as you are. Rewire this for good! 


💞 Set goals in line with your heart and Soul, and meet them while being held by your Mentor and the Group. 


🔥 Up self care rituals to fuel your long term business dreams. 


💞 Awaken your creativity through ritual & claim your Feminine power through daily practice. 


🔥 Connect, deeply, to your true self, and your highest vision for your Soul work ~ find the connection between your story to date, your pain, your journey, your learning... and your deepest service in the world, and learn how to gently claim it, heal it, and then express it fully with deep authenticity, bringing new levels of bliss and fulfilment to your life. 


💞 Heal your relationship with your business if it hasn’t been working for a while and you feel discouraged and disheartened. 


🔥 Clean up the energetics, so the physical end results improve permanently. 


💞 Stop putting yourself last on your priority list (or not even there at all!) and open up to receiving, this skill is imperative for women in business to succeed! 


🔥 Gain crystal clarity on things that confuse you, and take action and leap forward on things you are stuck on once and for all, with Private Coaching emails and Calls that are included in Circle Membership.  

💞 Have a fortnightly reminder to come back to your true power, your Feminine.We habitually return to the mind, but our truest actions in our biz come from our Feminine Intelligence. Remembering to return to the Feminine is the trick, and with ongoing Group Coaching focusing on this, you will learn to sit on your Throne over time.

.... and so much more... 

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Since I have been doing Private & Group Mentoring with Shemiran, I have turned many things in myself around. From the beginning, even in my then state of total burnout, Shemiran recognized my greatness and believed in me from our very first call together. I felt this in a very real way from her. She was not just trying to be positive and supportive; she really knew for me that I was capable of wonderful things, even when I wasn't capable of knowing it for myself.

In addition to helping me get out of teacher burnout, Shemiran has helped me become more confident in my abilities as a teacher and educator so that I can be way more authentic in my marketing.


The biggest difference is that I am allowing myself to acknowledge more of what I really want in my business and in my life. This helps me create offerings that are more in alignment with who I am, which makes it a lot easier to feel good about marketing myself. This has a ripple effect in my business of helping me clarify who I want to work with and how I want to put myself out in the world.

Annya Ishtara ~ New Mexico USA

{Joined the Program with soulful self-employment burnout & loss of fulfilment in her biz, to find her true next level Soul Vision & Soul Voice Expression}

Got questions?  Email Shemi Now: 

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Melissa PIC UYBiz.jpeg

"Shemiran has a beautiful way of teaching and mentoring that balances the feminine ways and deep soul essence exploration, with conquering the demands of daily life and more importantly guiding you through approaches to help with healing underlying traumas that cause self-doubt- a serious obstacle to success.  I found this gentle approach a totally necessary aspect to this self-honouring practice, to allow an openness to accept my own intuition and the wisdom it holds.  Shemi has seen the cycles and the potential pitfalls, and helps bring a reality to the dream.  

 The tools she offers are practical and effective in developing on-going personal growth whilst being able to traverse the intricacies such as business offers and marketing. I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey with Shemiran guiding the way.  The work at times is deep, reflective and requires a level of honesty with yourself to obtain maximum results, but also tremendously joyful along with meeting other beautiful souls on similar journeys. The support and encouragement of the group members is an absolute treasured resource to uplift and celebrate one another’s wins.  


Melissa Chambers ~ Sydney, Australia

{Joined the Program to shift out of Corporate burnout into Soul-expressive business & 

find her Soul Vision}

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Soulful Women in Business Circle is for you if: 
  • Your Soul Vision is Clear:
    You know what Soul Work is calling you ie. are clear on what business you want to birth ~ or are running it right now and yearn to run it from your Feminine power, fully embodying YOU in the process, and do it fully supported. 

  • You Have Training:
    You are in, or have been in, one of my Training Programs. You Program will act as study material, OR you have finished Mentoring and would like continued coaching and community through your biz day to day, to keep moving forward with your Sherpa and cheer squad, and avoid falling back into self employment loneliness and isolation. 

  • You Are Self-Responsible:
    Are deeply interested in taking 100% 
    responsibility for your manifestations in your biz  life, and in self development through this Journey.
  • You Have Boundaries:
    Are a positive talker, have strong boundaries, 
    non-judgemental, totally supportive of others in your Group. If you are a negative talker, disrespectful, judgemental, or display an other negativity, do not apply. Such memberships are terminated immediately. My learning spaces are 100% safe, first and foremost.
  • You Are In A Stable Phase:
    Life and Business both experience phases of tumult, that is natural ~ ("Breakdown precedes breakthrough" Jennifer Riley). Circle is designed for when you are in an active and growth phase, or desire to step into your Biz. You are not in serious burn-out or breakdown of any kind. Things are stable right now. Healing burn-out or breakdown 
    requires deeper Processes, Tools and Knowledge which are in my Mentoring Program. (If this is you, pls email me before enrolling in Circle to discuss your needs. You will also get access to Circle as a bonus with Mentoring).
  • You Do Not Have Deep Chronic Patterns:
    You do not have serious chronic negative patterns in your business such as chronic low numbers, chronic low income, chronic lack of fulfilment ... or long-term freeze/deep fears around starting.... these patterns require deeper Processes, Tools and Knowledge which are in my Mentoring Program. (If this is you, pls email me before enrolling in Circle to discuss your needs. You will also get access to Circle as a bonus with Mentoring).

Got questions?  Email Shemi Now: 

What is Included in Soulful Women in Business Circle?



Live Circle Group Calls:


2 x 1.5 hr LIVE “Soulful Women in Business Circle” Group Calls per Month, including recordings.


In these you receive: 


1. Fortnightly Feminine Business success group coaching message. These will cover the topics above over time. You will develop new Feminine skills that will change the way you work, and that will change YOU for life! Prepare to meet the Queen within, and bring her out to the world! 


You will also have your own segment to: 


2. Celebrate your wins, and get used to appreciating and being proud of yourself. Most women lack this ability, and we MUST build it if you are to succeed in Soulful Biz! Every fortnight you get to flex this muscle. 


3. Share your Vision for your biz, or Intentions for the next fortnight and have them Energetically Super-Charged, every single fortnight, to top you up with energy and FEED these Visions and Intentions energy so they manifest with EASE & INSPIRED ACTION  instead of STRUGGLE & FORCE.


4. Once every 3 months the calls will take a Live Q & A Laser Coaching format. You get to share where you are at, get off our chest what is challenging you, and be seen and heard with unconditional love. This has an alchemical effect of getting you unstuck and moving forward. When we talk and are heard with love, we process our thoughts and feelings, and receive ideas, perspective and guidance we did not have access to before!  In addition you can talk through any specific guidance you need, and get on the spot Coaching. This can give you periodical course correction so you dont go down a wrong path / get stuck for too long. 

Call Times:

All Live Calls will alternate to accomodate all ladies. Some of you have full time jobs, so we need to alternate to have both weekdays and weekends... 

Month A will be:

TUE AM Australia / MON PM Nth/ Sth Amercias    &

SUN AM Australia / SAT PM Nth/ Sth Amercias    

Month B will be:

FRI AM Australia / THURS PM Nth/ Sth Americas    &

SUN AM Australia / SAT PM Nth/ Sth Americas    

And we will alternate between A and B through the year ...

Private Email Support: 

In your 9 month cycle, you will have 3 x Private Email Laser Coaching Support. If you are stuck, confused, down in the dumps, can’t seem to move forward, disturbed by some negative outcome in your biz ... send it to Shemi for personalised help / deep laser coaching.

Private Coaching Call: 


1 x 30min Private Coaching Call with me in 9 month cycle (value $198 USD). When the shit is hitting the fan in your journey, dont suffer. Reach out, and let me give you some deeper mentoring that will help you get back on your feet again. Or if you are simply super stuck on some tasks eg marketing , hop on this call and get all your questions answered

Private FB Group:

Full of beautiful supportive ladies to cheer you on your every step, and you cheer them on too ... this Group has an alchemical effect again, as you are seen and heard and accepted more and more, we build new neural pathways to get you to share your gifts with the world with less fear, and more ease and joy. I am very particular about who I invite into Circle, so rest assured, only 100% safety and positivity here! 


NEVER will you be stuck for too long again! With all this support nothing will get in the way of you blossoming into the Teacher / Facilitator / Feminine Soul Worker your were born to be! 


In my Group Circles & Mentoring Programs no student is left behind because of the 360 degree support structures I have included in it (standard group coaching programs DO NOT include personal email or call support or ANY private coaching time - the $1000 a month 12 month coaching I took part in starting out certainly did not!). Nobody falls through the cracks with me! Everyone will be held / mentored into growing into each and every aspect of their process and be empowered to get things done, but ONLY the things that make your heart sing and bring most service to your beloved clients/students !!  😀

Got questions?  Email Shemi Now: 

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PIC Tracy Risch.png

I took Shemiran’s private mentoring and group mentoring programs and found myself opening up doors I never knew existed for me. She has such a gentle approach to your needs for a business that you desire. She showed me how to be strong and confident to bring my business to a new level. I was so burnt out of everything, work and life. I am enjoying my personal and professional life much better now. There is more time for me for joyous adventures and less time worrying about where and when the profit is coming.

It has not always been a walk in the park but with Shem’s guidance I was able to get through those tough emotional roller coaster times of not being enough and getting through the negative self talk. I was able to use the tools I learned from her programs to deal with my emotional trauma when it came up and to bring myself back to a safe space and to learn to listen for the red flags before I became overworked and overwhelmed. To anyone looking for a program to go deep into the soul to express you into your work and find it more like play time then work, this is the program for you. 

Thank you for all you have done, it has been a great journey. 

Tracy Risch ~ Omaha, USA

{Joined the Program with both Corporate burnout &  soulful side business needing resuscitation}



9 Months of Circle Access: 


Standard Full Pricing:                                         

$333 AUD x month [currently $227 USD x month]


2022 Scholarship Training Ladies Special Partial Scholarship Offer:         

$222 AUD x a month [ currently $151 USD]


SAVE $999 AUD in total!

Ladies who engaged in all the Scholarship Training, and did not win in the draw, I promised you would not walk away empty handed! 

Here is your very special Partial Scholarship BONUS: 








Pls note; If you join, payment plans in your Invitation to Circle  email will be in Australian dollars.


72 hr Fast Action Special Offer Expires:


Auckland, New Zealand- 2 pm

Sydney, Australia - 12 pm

Tokyo, Japan - 11 am

Perth, Australia - 10 am

Denpasar, Bali - 10 am

Corresponds to TUE 13 SEPT:


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - 11pm 

New York, USA - 10pm

Calgary, Canada - 8pm

Los Angeles, USA - 7pm 

I need to hear from you for your initial interest in taking one of these 5 Partial Scholarship before the 72 hrs are over, and we can organise your call if you need one anytime in the next week that suits. 



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Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 7.38_edited.jp

 I have been through a year of coaching sessions with Shemi, and it gives me great pleasure to say I have benefited tremendously from her authentic, very real, down to earth wisdom.   When I first started coaching sessions I was feeling shaky, and losing confidence within myself. One of the many positives for me is recognising feelings of self doubt and turning this around. 

Often I am so blown away by the knowledge Shemi has in many situations I have discussed with her.  Recently I described to Shemi that, I was a crab emerging from it's shell, acknowledging my growth. I have no hesitation in recommending Shemi's programmes & coaching to others.

Raewyn Snook ~ Mapua, New Zealand

{Joined the Program to increase numbers in class  & learn to message and market her Soul Gifts}

What is Possible When We Learn to Do Business

The Feminine Way?


Your self employment journey can be one of deep fulfilment 

Authentic expression of your Soul

Ongoing pleasure and joy

Connection and loving community

Meaning and purpose

Money and freedom

Ease and grace

Giving and receiving

Health and wealth

Healing and building your sense of personal power


We achieve this as soulful women when we learn to feel safe expressing our true selves, our own story, and share own deepest medicine... while stopping trying to override our sensitive nature, and start working with it and nurturing and nourishing our selves. When we meet our feminine needs, and honour our innate feminine nature, and at the same time empower our ‘in-the-world’ action … magic happens. 


We then are fuelled up, filled up, have more to give and have the energy to stay on track. 


And when we unlearn the old way of working, and learn the feminine ways of attracting; attracting our soul aligned clients, attracting inspired ideas, attracting soulful collaboration…. attracting money! 


But it is very difficult to create and maintain this shift on our own, especially if things haven’t been working for a while, or our Soul Voice has been stuck inside us for a long time.... You need a circuit breaker, and new habits need to be formed inside a container - a supportive nurturing 100% safe environment.


If you have been trying to do it on your own for a while now and it’s not working - the problem is not you - the problem is the structure (or lack there of) around you. Isolation breeds depression, and that is not going to attract great things into your business. 


Learn everything you need to learn, and grow organically while making your business and your life nourishing and joyful. 

In service and deep honour to the Soul Worker in you.


Shemiran xo 

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Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 7.08.54 pm.png

I felt totally at ease and supported the first time I spoke with Shemiran, she has the ability to connect and hear you. I have been receiving coaching now for nearly a year. The difference in how I feel about myself, and with regards to my business are astounding. I had little to no self confidence but a strong knowledge and understanding of my product, but this lack of self confidence was hindering my business expansion and personal growth. 

Shemiran is compassionate, well rounded and grounded, a warm soul who has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the energetics of personal and business growth. She has a basket of tools that is vast, and a genuine desire to see you expand to your greatest potential.

Melanie Farmer ~ Northern NSW, Australia

(Joined the Program with soulful self employment burnout out, suffering from low numbers & desiring to grow her business}

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Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 5.40.34 pm.png

The retreat was amazing! I have come away enriched as a woman who is now more confident to step forward in the world knowing and trusting I have a valuable contribution to give.


This retreat has been enabling to that end. I view this time as further cross-training for my spiritual journey. I am stunned with how synchronistic it has been in supporting my pursuit as a horsewoman.

Jane Reid

Howlong, Australia

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 5.59.29 pm.png

Shemiran, Your feminine essence embodies your training.


I am grateful for the chance to revisit things my body and spirit desire, such as balance, self love and compassion.


Thank you for such care. I think you are an amazing inspiring woman!!

Sue McKeon

Melbourne, Australia

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 6.02.47 pm.png

Thanks Shemiran, through great wisdom, love, care and experience, you facilitate an amazing reconnection to not only the feminine, but enhancing the balance of the Yin/Yang, and feminine/masculine.


On a personal level I feel more loving and accepting of myself. I felt honoured by the wonderful support and love from all the women, so healing


Susan De Castella
Victoria, Australia