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Watch this inspiring video from award winning facilitator

Shemiran Ibrahim, about her struggles with body image,

self worth and confidence, and the pathway she found, and teaches now, that every woman and girl can use to find her

way back to joy, wholeness, self care and empowerment. 

next course starts thur 16 may 2019   

get your shimmy on and ...

Tired of feeling not-good-enough because
of your looks, size, shape or age?
Want to feel good about yourself and your body right here and now?

The problem is not your size, shape, age or colour. 

The problem is in the years of brain-washing our society does to us, since we are little girls. It creates a mental/emotional “beauty illusion”, and to change this we need to re-frame what beauty is; how we think about it in our minds, and feel it in our bodies.

It’s not only possible to turn it around, it is EASY! with the right tools. 

The ancient healing dance of the women and girls of my home-land in the Middle East, the traditional grass roots version of what you know as 'Belly Dance' here in the west, is the medicine! 

Taught with a focus on helping you accept then fall in love with each and every part of you, inside and out, this dance is ancient medicine for modern life. In Unveil Your Beauty, not only will you receive the dancing in step by step easy to learn fun classes, you will also empower this re-frame with gorgeous nourishing body love and self care weekly home-practice via short powerful videos, and be supported via online group support through the weeks. Healing happens in loving community, isolation and denial prolong the problem.


The process is one of, step by step, re-framing beauty for ourselves, taking ownership of how we view beauty, and breaking what I call the "beauty-illusion”. 

Let’s start this re-frame right now for you:


Beauty is an energy, not a physical state.


Inspired is beautiful.     

            An 80 year old woman can be inspiring.

Caring, tender, positive and loving is beautiful.    

            A size 16 woman can have these gifts.

Energised, alive, sparkling is beautiful.     

            A woman with wide hips and big thighs can be electrifying.

Passionate, sensual, joyful and purposeful living is beautiful.  

            Women who are working their mission and passion exude this light.

Being emotionally alive and agile is beautiful. 

            Having this ability has nothing to do with physical appearance.


Coming from the heart, speaking your truth, being authentic is beautiful.


You get the picture. 


These are all inner skills that grow organically when you awaken your feminine energy. And traditional Belly Dancing does just that ~ it awakens your feminine energy without you even trying ! 😀💃😍

Listen to these inspiring short audios from Belly Dance teachers globally on how it changed their lives and empowers their students:



Next Unveil Your Beauty Course Starts:


Thursday 16th May 2019

 6.30pm - 7.45pm in Springwood, Blue Mountains

BOOK NOW! Special Offer Prices Expire in:

Unveil Your Beauty Fun 8 Week Course: 


8 x 1 1/4 hr Weekly Joyful Classes

8 x Weekly Short Empowering Videos

FB Private Support Group with Mentoring

  • Learn how to feel good about you body, and in it

  • Awaken your feminine energy and sensuality

  • Breathe joy into your day-to-day experience

  • Learn body love & self care practices, skills for life!

  • Fun introduction to Belly Dance 

  • All in fun, safe and nurturing community

  • Bring your daughters and grand daughters ~ Have fun together and empower them for life!

Normal Prices:


Adult ~ $165

High School Girls ~ $105

Primary School Girls ~ $75 (must attend with adult)

Special Offer Prices:

Adult ~ $125

High School Girls ~ $85

Primary School Girls ~ $55 (must attend with adult)

The Videos and FB Group Support are for women.

The girls come to class with mum, auntie, grandmother

or guardian for a joyful weekly quality time together. No adult themes discussed in class ~ weekly class is suitable for all ages. 


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What Women Say About Their Unveil Experience ...







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Dr Louise Arnold

Lawson, Blue Mountains

“In my ‘too busy’ life I had lost my sanity and my body to stress. Friday mornings have become an oasis of restoration, a life-line back to myself, and lots of fun. I can begin to feel ‘young’ again”. 

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Sarit Vandergraff

Summer Hill, Sydney

“A must for all mothers! The combination of belly dancing and workshop was perfect. I feel that I now have permission to “receive”. I found it quite emotional and became aware of my negative self-talk and what I don’t allow myself. This will now change. Thank you so much!”

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Linda D'Arcy

Inner West, Sydney

“I realize more that I have sacrificed my feminine traits for what I believed was survival. I now believe I can work on surviving using what should be more natural and easier, my female energy.”

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Jane Reid

Howlong, Albury

“The workshop was amazing! I have come away enriched as a woman who is now more confident to step forward in the world knowing and trusting I have a valuable contribution to give. This workshop has been enabling to that end. I view this time as further cross-training for my spiritual journey. I am stunned with how synchronistic it has been in supporting my pursuit as a horsewoman.”

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Sue McKeon

Melbourne, Victoria

“Shemiran, Your feminine essence embodies your training. I am grateful not just for the chance to revisit Belly Dancing, but to revisit things my body and spirit desire, such as balance, self love and compassion. Thank you for such care. I think you are an amazing inspiring woman!!”

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Susan de Castella

Melbourne, Victoria

“Thanks Shemiran, through great wisdom, love, care and experience, you facilitate an amazing reconnection to not only the feminine, but enhancing the balance of the Yin/Yang, and feminine/masculine. On a personal level I feel more loving and accepting of myself. I felt honoured by the wonderful support and love from all the women, so healing.”