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Blue Mountains & Surrounds Soulful Women 

Build the soul expressive business of your dreams & learn how to fuel your passion & mission by embodying your Feminine energy, to run your business more joyfully and ease-fully, achieve and sustain self sufficiency, and put an end to isolation, overwhelm, confusion, disheartenment and burn-out!

“You can accomplish more in a Mastermind (Circle of dedicated people sharing a unified goal) in one month, than you could by yourself in one year.“


Napoleon Hill

American Transformational Writer, Author Think and Grow Rich

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Online soul-expressive
business circle & mentoring 
find your soul voice
reclaim it, honour it
learn how to articulate it
& express it with total authenticity through your business




Shift out of self doubt, confusion, procrastination, lack of energy, LACK OF CLARITY, CRAVING DEEPER EXPRESSION, fear of visibility, over-giving, UNDER-RECEIVING, burn out... and all other offspring of Fight, Flight & Freeze ...


And experience the clarity, energy, power & joy of Flow

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Hi I’m Shemiran Ibrahim, and I teach conscious  women who are in soul-expressive business or aspiring to be, how to deeply honour their gifts, unveil their heart's vision and gain crystal clarity on their direction, learn how to do business using their Feminine power for more joy, pleasure, passion and effective action, and build their business structurally and strategically so that they achieve a consistent fulfilling self sufficient income, doing what they love, and know in their bones they are meant to do. And doing it as the most fulfilling authentic expression of their Soul essence.
Our Soul has work to do here. And as we evolve, it evolves. Not heeding it causes us depression and burn out in the long run.

There is a pathway, a journey, from having our truest message stuck inside us, to sharing our medicine with those it is meant for.

And that journey is not a walk in the park. It is a trek through Nepal.

Our greatest fears, confusion, lack of clarity, self doubt and self defeat rise up in
full-force when we decide to express our Soul through our work.
Soul-expressive self employment is like no other, and is by far the toughest. It is blissful when it's working, and crippling and crushing when it isn't.  After all, it's our very heart that we are exposing, putting on offer, marketing and advertising! 
And just like that trek through Nepal, we are not meant to do this journey on our own! That is the long, hard and gut wrenching way to go about it. And it often leads to stalling, freezing, hiding, playing small, loneliness, overdoing, and ultimately either never jumping in, or doing it so hard we burn out and breakdown.
It is best to hire a Sherpa, AND do the trek with a group of reliable gorgeous people. There is a truer, gentler, more nourishing, more powerful, joyful, effective and pleasurable way!
Welcome to Soulful Women in Business Circle! 🔥😍👏

The Ways We Need Support as Soulful Women in Business


If you desire more Soul, meaning, depth, connection and effective action in your journey as a woman in business, or you are aching to birth your soulful business / next level of expression in your Soul Work, this program is designed to facilitate that journey for you in the two most important ways needed: 

1) Mentally train you with tools, processes, trainings, knowledge that is tried, test and effective to save you months of going down a rabbit hole, wasting time, money and energy, and still not getting fulfilling results

2) Emotionally hold the sacred space necessary for you to ascend, evolve and expand into the next level version of you 


We work on accessing creativity and inspiration straight from your Soul, and we work towards authentic outcomes powered by a whole backpack of tools and processes you will learn over time to master your energy and emotions.


This program will take you from isolation, overwhelm, confusion, lack of confidence/self worth, ineffective powerlessness in your business, and habits of work that over-use your giving nature and burn you out … to strength, blossoming, efficiency and freedom. 


This is business support for sensitive, conscious, positive & soulful women wanting outcomes to bring their dream business to life and build it right in the long run. 


No more doing it on your own! This old paradigm mentality kills morale and creativity, and deprives us of all the emotionally healing benefits of loving community. 




This is the new age of how to do business and love it! In this Program you will receive 360 degree support, in every way possible, with a proven step by step method learning how to BEAM your heart out into the world, and set your energy on fire:


💞 Build heartfelt connections and heal from isolation. 


🔥 Keep your momentum up on your projects with fortnightly Group Mentoring sessions to keep you on track, learn from others’ experience, answer any burning questions on any projects or emotional challenges, and generally keep your morale up.  

💞 Heal from the draining effects of perfectionism, over-giving, over-doing, over-achieving, burn-out, people pleasing, and the crippling effects of under-doing, hiding, freezing and paying small.  


🔥 Bring crystal clarity to what your heart and Soul are aching to create... often these are hidden from us under layers of resistance, confusion, lack of clarity. Unveil your Soul-mission through precise processes that work!

💞 Take action and leap forward on things you procrastinate on once and for all, with optional Private Mentoring. 


🔥 Overcome your fear or aversion to marketing. Learn visibility and modern marketing that is manageable for you, and a true expression of you.


💞 Set goals in line with your heart and Soul, and meet them while being held by your Mentor and the Group. 


🔥 Learn self care rituals to fuel your long term business dreams. 


💞 Awaken your creativity through ritual & claim your Feminine power through daily practice. 


🔥 Connect, deeply, to your true self, and your highest vision for your Soul work ~ find the connection between your story to date, your pain, your journey, your learning... and your deepest service in the world, and learn how to gently claim it, heal it, and then express it fully with deep authenticity, bringing new levels of bliss and fulfilment to your life. 


💞 Heal your relationship with your business if it hasn’t been working for a while and you feel discouraged and disheartened. 


🔥 Clean up the energetics, so the physical end results improve permanently. 


💞 Stop putting yourself last on your priority list (or not even there at all!) and open up to receiving, this skill is imperative for women in business! 


🔥 Heal your relationship with money and allow it in.  There can be very deep and debilitating old wounds around being seen as powerful and wealthy. We MUST heal these, as we need to receive self-sufficiency in order to keep doing our soulful work in the world. 

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Soulful Women In Business Circle is the 

New Paradigm for Feminine Power in Business 


We work deeply inside the two imperative areas creative, soulful women in business need to be both successful and joyful in their biz life: 


1 - Outer Skills - The Masculine/Your Yang Energy & Skills: 

The business success skills, the nuts and bolts, making money, marketing, online savvy, strategy, the outer manifestation of your business


2 - Inner Skills - The Feminine/ Your Yin Energy & Skills: 

And the inner world, the self care, the emotional realm, your energetics and attraction mode, what’s stopping you moving forward, and the inner game of business


If we focus only on one, at the expense of the other, 

our business, our lives and ourselves, go out of balance. 


I will teach you how to bring the balance, and your power, back create habits of doing and begin that will last you a lifetime. 


No more overwhelm. No more confusion. No more suffocating your Soul expression. No more burn out!!!


What Happens in the Circle?


Circle opens with grounding our energy with short meditation and energy work. 


We then study the business building workshop session of the day - this could cover any of the following topics or others as the months unfold and need arises, and here you receive laser coaching if you need it to apply to your own soul work:


Outer Skills: 


  • How to work without overwhelm

  • How to structure your work day for maximum productive while leveraging your energy

  • How to create your offers and price them for self sufficiency

  • Getting into body care practices to build your energy

  • Modern soulful marketing knowledge

  • Investigating and articulating your truest deepest Soul Vision

  • Birthing your soulful Offer, straight from this Vision

  • Understanding who you are mean to service

  • Re-claiming your Soul Voice, learning how to use it again, gently, safely, in your own time ~ learning how to become ‘fully expressed'

  • Birthing, or upgrading, your most authentic branding and messaging

  • Putting down your Soul-aligned business intentions 

  • Defining your purpose through your business for you long term deepest fulfilment and burn-out prevention

  • Website & Social Media clarity and confidence

  • Building your email list

  • Setting goals, timelines and strategy

  • Structuring your time, space, offers, prices... everything for your wellbeing



Inner Skills: 


  • Balancing masculine and feminine energy to create balance and power

  • Owning your worth, claiming your medicine

  • Allowing yourself to be seen as the light that you are

  • Raising your vibration to attract ease-fully

  • Engaging your feminine energy to raise your vibration

  • Refining your creative process to create with grace

  • Practicing receiving, not just give give giving

  • Mastering self care

  • Laying boundaries - creating a safe space for you to shine

  • Connecting/deepening your connection to Spirit

  • Learning to trust and listen to your own perfectly-timed guidance

  • Empowering your inner wisdom in your business



If things get too heavy, we get up and move our bodies using simple Feminine movements  

to travel from stuck, to flow.


We break for arvo tea with delicious soy Chai and treats.


We then have space for discussion, masterminding together and opening up to inspiration that comes from a group of people, getting together, focused on the same positive outcome for each other, holding intention for each others’ success. 


We share intention setting, sharing, holding and being held in total honouring and care.


We write any guidances & inspiration we receive down for the month ahead.


We set authentic and reasonable targets for the month - keeping ourselves accountable and sticking to our plans. Staying focused together. 


We share self care ritual ideas, and support each other with positive interaction.


We close Circle.  


You stay connected online until next Circle through the FB private group and monthly “Check in & Pep Up!” Group Call, and bonus ‘Unveil Your Beauty’ Classes during the week. You will never feel alone, stuck or disheartened again! 

Over the 6 months, iron out any tough bits with your 2 FREE bonus 30 min Private Coaching Sessions with Shemi, or more in-depth private Mentoring if you choose.

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Are You Feeling this?  Here is Your Next Step …


Step 1:

You fill out the form below and choose the date you can attend your the Circle.



Step 2:

Pay your $25 discounted fee for your Introductory Circle.


Step 3:  

You will receive an email with everything you need for your first Circle. ​ Make sure you add shemiran.ibrahim@ gmail.com to your safe senders list. Please check your Junk Mail or Promotions folder.

Step 4:

If your first Circle resonates, Soulful Women in Business Circle membership runs in 6 month cycles, to build connection, build momentum, build your skill set, learn Feminine ways of birthing and building business, unlearning dysfunctional habits and to give yourself time to see RESULTS. If you enjoy your first Circle, you hop on after it and join the sisterhood. 🔥💞👏💃 

You will have 5 days after your first Circle to take up the special discount price for your 6 month membership.  


You will have a choice of a super affordable Circle Only membership or the option of Circle Plus Private Mentoring, if you are really ready to turbo charge your healing and liberation, and spread your wings to the next level.


Fees are open to negotiation if you are in financial hardship, until spaces fill up. After that, there will be a 6 month wait list at full price, so if you are considering this, try it out early before it fills. 


All prices and options will be explained to you in details after your first Circle. You’ll also be able to then apply for a financial hardship discount if needed, if there are still spaces left to fill. 

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What is Possible When We Learn to Do Business

The Feminine Way?


Your self employment journey can be one of deep fulfilment 

Authentic expression of your Soul

Ongoing pleasure and joy

Connection and loving community

Meaning and purpose

Money and freedom

Ease and grace

Giving and receiving

Health and wealth

Healing and building your sense of personal power


We achieve this as soulful women when we stop trying to override our sensitive nature, and start working with it and nurturing and nourishing our selves. When we meet our feminine needs, and honour our innate feminine nature, and at the same time empower our ‘in-the-world’ action … magic happens. 


We then are fuelled up, filled up, have more to give and have the energy to stay on track. 


And when we unlearn the old way of working, and learn the feminine ways of attracting; attracting our soul mate clients, attracting inspired ideas, attracting soulful collaboration…. attracting money! 


But it is very difficult to create and maintain this shift on our own, especially if things haven’t been working for a while. You need a circuit breaker, and new habits need to be formed inside a container - a supportive nurturing safe environment - 

The Soulful Women in Business Circle! 


If you have been trying to do it on your own for a while now and it’s not working - the problem is not you - the problem is the structure (or lack there of) around you. Isolation breeds depression, and that is not going to attract great things into your business. 


Learn everything you need to learn, and grow organically while making your business and your life nourishing and joyful. 


All your price options will be explained to you after your first Circle. While there are spaces to fill and for a short period after your first Circle, you will be given a special limited time discount offer. After spaces are filled, all wait list applications will be at full price, so please dondelay

Take advantage of the limited time launch special prices now.

There is no program like this on the market - locally catering to sensitive, conscious soulful women and with Women Circle, Private Mentoring PLUS Group Coaching and support. 

If this is resonating, pls don’t delay ~ 

strictly space for 8 beautiful soulful women only.

After that, there will be a 6 month waitlist


What Women Say About Training with Shemiran ...







Melanie Farmer

New South Wales, Australia

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"I felt totally at ease and supported the first time I spoke with Shemiran, she has the ability to connect and hear you. I have been receiving coaching now for nearly a year. The difference in how I feel about myself, and with regards to my business are astounding. I had little to no self confidence but a strong knowledge and understanding of my product, but this lack of self confidence was hindering my business expansion and personal growth. 

Shemiran is compassionate, well rounded and grounded, a warm soul who has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the energetics of personal and business growth. She has a basket of tools that is vast, and a genuine desire to see you expand to your greatest potential." 

Annya Ishtara

New Mexico, United States

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"Since I have been doing private mentoring with Shemiran, I have turned many things in myself around. From the beginning, even in my then state of total burnout, Shemiran recognized my greatness and believed in me from our very first call together. I felt this in a very real way from her. She was not just trying to be positive and supportive; she really knew for me that I was capable of wonderful things, even when I wasn't capable of knowing it for myself.


In addition to helping me get out of teacher burnout, Shemiran has helped me become more confident in my abilities as a teacher and educator so that I can be way more authentic in my marketing.


The biggest difference is that I am allowing myself to acknowledge more of what I really want in my business and in my life. This helps me create offerings that are more in alignment with who I am, which makes it a lot easier to feel good about marketing myself. This has a ripple effect in my business of helping me clarify who I want to work with and how I want to put myself out in the world."

Raewyn Snook

Mapua, New Zealand

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 7.38.18 pm.png

"I have been through a year of coaching sessions with Shemi, and it gives me great pleasure to say I have benefited tremendously from her authentic, very real, down to earth wisdom.   When I first started coaching sessions I was feeling shaky, and losing confidence within myself. One of the many positives for me is recognising feelings of self doubt and turning this around. 


Often I am so blown away by the knowledge Shemi has in many situations I have discussed with her.  Recently I described to Shemi that, I was a crab emerging from it's shell, acknowledging my growth. I have no hesitation in recommending Shemi's programmes & coaching to others."

Jane Reid

Howlong, Australia

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"The retreat was amazing! I have come away enriched as a woman who is now more confident to step forward in the world knowing and trusting I have a valuable contribution to give.


This retreat has been enabling to that end. I view this time as further cross-training for my spiritual journey. I am stunned with how synchronistic it has been in supporting my pursuit as a horsewoman."

Sue McKeon

Melbourne, Australia

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 5.59.29 pm.png

“Shemiran, Your feminine essence embodies your training.


I am grateful for the chance to revisit things my body and spirit desire, such as balance, self love and compassion.


Thank you for such care. I think you are an amazing inspiring woman!!”

Susan de Castella

Melbourne, Australia

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 6.02.47 pm.png

“Thanks Shemiran, through great wisdom, love, care and experience, you facilitate an amazing reconnection to not only the feminine, but enhancing the balance of the Yin/Yang, and feminine/masculine.


On a personal level I feel more loving and accepting of myself. I felt honoured by the wonderful support and love from all the women, so healing.”

Any questions? Contact me now!